A list of notable people living around the world of Haven. This list will grow as the canon of the setting is established.

Haven: Cast Into the Darkness


The main character of Haven: Cast Into the Darkness. Players will be able to select the protagonist's gender, appearance, and name, then choose from one of five character classes to customize the protagonist's performance. The protagonist is a former defender of Whitevale turned adventurer, traveling through the dangerous wilderness and using magic circles to find monster allies. The protagonist travels in search of treasure and better understanding of the magical creatures that inhabit the world.

Devon and Marle

Childhood friends of the protagonist and fellow defends of Whitevale, Devon and Marle help the protagonist early on and explain how some game systems work for the benefit of the player. They are the first two guest characters, and serve as the tutorial.


Purgatory is the protagonist's beloved pet Juju and is the first monster to join the party. Players choose Purgatory's gender at the beginning of the game, and may also rename Purgatory. He or she is unfalteringly loyal to the protagonist, but will willingly return to the summoning font if not needed.


Notesworth is a Floatbook that accompanies the protagonist on his or her adventures. It serves as Haven: CID's in-game quest journal by routinely filling itself with adventure stories about the protagonist.


Kaizo (also known as Bouhaki) is the human leader of a tribe of Nekomimi in the Hardill Ruins. He also serves as one of the few methods of acquiring an Officer Coat, if the protagonist can defeat him during the first battle.


Duane is an enigmatic young man who appears during the Hope and Destiny sidequest as a boss. He pursues the protagonist in search of the same treasure, though shows himself to be better informed on what it actually is and what lies in the path to reach it.

Cat Neal

Cat Neal is a bizarre character who resides in trees. He appears in a building somewhere in every town, and the first time he is spoken to, he gives the protagonist a Climb tome. Once a member of the protagonist's party reaches level 40, there is a small chance that Cat Neal will attack after the move Climb is used to search a tree for items. He is also involved in the Awesometacular sidequest.

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