A World in Chaos

Important Update

The official Haven: CID forum is unavailable. Socialgo removed their free service and deleted the forum without notifying me. Until I find a new service suitable for the forum, information and updates can be found at the official facebook page. Please use this page for questions, comments, input, or communication with project members until a new forum is available.

Welcome to Sanctum

Sanctum is the official wiki for the world of Haven, named for a major city within Haven. The city of Sanctum houses the Library of Archons, a major information center and storage place of much ancient knowledge.

What is Haven?

Haven is a world a bit like our own, but a dark and dangerous place inhabited by vicious monsters. While the usual relationship between human and monster is little more than mutual violence, by using a magic circle a human may establish an empathic bond with a monster and thus coexist with them on friendly terms. These circles have certain limitations however, and even a skillful user may not operate them with total success. Much of Haven's population exists in fear and paranoia, only a brave few dare to leave the protective magic surrounding human settlement; either to hunt monsters, or to seek an understanding of them.

Current and Former Projects

Haven: Cast Into the Darkness (Haven: CID for short) is the current working title of a planned monster battle dark fantasy RPG. The player will control an adventurer who acquires a party of monster allies and battles ferocious creatures in a quest of understanding.


A list of people involved with projects based on the world of Haven, this list will grow as the project does.

  • Chris Neal — Writer, Organizer, Original Concept

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